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Print Sale! August 07 2017

There's a summer sale to check out before fall begins! Now through August 13th all regular prints are on sale, starting at $17.50. Click here to shop now.


How to Hang Art in your Home (Part two) June 20 2017


Three ideas for hanging art in your home or office are below! And in case you missed Part One, be sure to click here.

Bookworm Style

This style is a fun way to break up the busyness of bookshelves, or add interest if you're going for a minimal look. It's also a great hiding piece for those not-so-pretty books (if you're trying to create a cohesive look on your shelves but still need the storage space)! Make sure the artwork you choose is the right size—bigger for built-ins and shelves that run the full wall, and smaller for single, free-standing shelves. This black and white print comes in different sizes and works well on bookshelves!

Gallery Style

The easiest way to create a gallery wall is to trace your frames on paper (newspaper, butcher paper, or wrapping paper) and arrange on the wall with painter's tape. Once you like how the paper frames are arranged, start hanging! Don't forget you can include 3-dimensional items, like antlers, too! For a classic look, choose frames and images that match, like all black and white photos in black frames. For an eclectic look, mix up the frame finishes and the contents (photos, prints, patterns, etc.).

Leaner Style

This style is great for renters or those that are feeling non-committal—no nails or final decisions required! Using frames that match (like all black) will make it feel less messy. Or you can use different frame finishes, but keep the artwork consistent (for example, art that all incorporates black in some way). This style works great on entry tables, buffet tables, or above a couch with a small shelf.

To create these looks or get more artwork inspiration, click here! Thanks for reading!

Free Summer Party Printable! May 25 2017

Are you hosting a party or shower this summer? Or just a nice dinner party? Download a free menu printable for your party here! All you have to do is print, cut, and write out the details of your menu.

TIP: It works best if you write in black ink in all caps. It makes your writing readable and gives it a cohesive look!

Happy summer!

Sweet Mother's Day Wishes May 04 2017

How to Hang Art in your Home (Part One) April 20 2017

Do you ever get stuck trying to decorate your walls, even after finding lots of inspiration on Pinterest? Those pretty little images can be helpful motivation, but sometimes it's hard to put into practice when your own space doesn't look exactly the same as those online. After reading so many interior design books I've realized there's a method behind hanging art. Here are three ideas with more to come in the following weeks!

Grid Style

This isn't rocket science, I know. But to make this look successful, make sure you measure (!) and use frames and mats that match in color and size. Some ideas include black and white photos, smaller artwork with wide white mats around them, or art that has one consistent element that ties them all together (for instance, they all incorporate black in some way, or all the colors complement each other). This Spotted Art Print and this Trench Coat Bun Girl Print have similar color schemes and work well together as a starting point!

Vertical Style

Do you have a small wall or corner that looks empty? Adding a bar cart or a small chair and vertical artwork is one way to fill it in. This look draws the eye up, making your ceiling feel higher. Try two or three pieces of artwork to make this work.

Statement Style

Using a statement style looks really great in corners, or in those awkward spaces. Make sure you use a piece of art that's proportional to the furniture (like this Blush Pink Ombre Print). The artwork needs to be pretty large to balance it out. If you can't do a large piece of art, you could try multiple frames to give the illusion that it's proportional. Some ideas for furniture to try: a chair and side table, a chair and a standing lamp, or a small sofa.

 To make sure you're on the list to get the rest of the tips for hanging art, click here! To check out more prints, click here. And if you came over from Instagram looking for the Black Line Art Print, click here! Thanks for reading!

April's In-Season Fruits & Veggies April 04 2017


Have you ever wondered what produce is in season? Or have you ever been frustrated after buying watermelon and finding it's really not good yet? Me, too. That's why I created the Produce Calendar so you'll always know what to buy at the grocery store or farmer's market!

As we start April, the below fruits and veggies are now in season. Strawberry season starts now! Who knew?!

Bok Choy
Green Garlic

To get a Produce Calendar, click here, or if you have any questions send an email to

Four Elements to a Styled Coffee Table March 16 2017

How do you create a coffee table that looks nice when not in use, but has enough room for practical things like coffee mugs and remotes? I did some research and found four elements that came up over and over again.

  1. Create a platform
    Some ideas are books, magazines, or a small box. Boxes are great for holding remotes out of view!
  2. Top your platform with a sculptural object
    This breaks up uniformity. Something unique or quirky is fun to do here! 

  3. Give your platform a friend
    Next to your platform, add an object. Some ideas are a set of coasters, or a low planter filled with succulents (low maintenance plants are always a plus).

  4. Finish with a tall object to add height
    A vase with flowers or a tall orchid works well here for height and color, but really anything with some height will do.

    Hope this gives you some ideas for your space! I'd love to hear from you and see your coffee tables on Instagram! Just tag @oliveandjude or send an email to

Happy Love Day February 14 2017

Whether you love this day or hate it, wishing you a great day with family, friends, coworkers, or those you love! 

All of the spring things are heading up online this week, so make sure you're on the email list to hear about it (sign up at the bottom of the home page). This heart card is part of the line—for anniversaries, weddings, or sympathy when you just don't know what to say. We've also got you covered for any bridal showers or weddings you're heading to this year! This card and this card are two favorites.

Thanks for reading!

Seasonal Produce Calendar September 13 2016

Seasonal Produce CalendarWe're adding a new product type—prints! I created this produce calendar for myself and thought I'd add to the shop too. Because I never know when tomatoes are in season. Or any other produce for that matter!

celebrate with lauren conrad April 06 2016

Super excited to see Olive + Jude in Lauren Conrad's new book, Celebrate! So honored to be included as one of ten artists featured in her book. Celebrate is Lauren's essential guide to entertaining, filled with an inspiring array of lifestyle tips and personal stores. Check it out here!

Bachelorette Party Invitations March 10 2016

Are you planning a little bachelorette weekend for a bride in your life? This invitation or this one designed for Minted seem to be pretty popular at the moment. If you have any questions about custom orders, send an email to!

online invites February 04 2016

Minted is now offering online invites for select Olive + Jude designs! I love this option for when a paper invite is too fussy or for a last minute party. For more info, click here.

happy new year January 04 2016

New year, new cards. Happy 2016! Wishing you a great start to the year and a solid kick-off to those new year's resolutions. :) Fresh new cards will be posted in the coming weeks, for Valentine's Day and a few extras. Follow along on Instagram (@oliveandjude) for updates!

iPhone Cases September 30 2015

So very excited to announce the new Olive + Jude iPhone Cases! These are just a few—check out the rest! Prints, florals, gold, and transparent cases for the iPhone 4 up to the current iPhone model. Use code 99n464 for $10 off your first order and get free shipping. Click here to view.

Style Me Pretty Wedding October 02 2013

So great to see Olive + Jude on Style Me Pretty with a wedding invitation project! We recently wrapped up a wedding suite complete with day-of materials for an outdoor wedding. The venue was an old Victorian home, so the invitation needed to match that style. We settled on using blush tones and florals to give it a soft, romantic look. The bride ensured every detail matched the Victorian setting, making it one of those perfect magazine weddings that made me want to capture every moment. You can see more photos in the Style Me Pretty feature here. A favorite detail is the chalkboard sign, 'Mrs. Always Right.' Such a fun way to include a little personality! Thanks to Lannie and Tony for letting Olive + Jude be a part of your big day!


Wedding Photography: Gladys Jem Photography