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Create a Cozy Desk Space

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How do you create a cozy desk space that you want to go to in the morning? Whether it's a corporate office or a home space, if you work full time in a traditional job you spend the majority of your day at your desk. So it might as well be a place you like! Especially now that it's fall, creating a cozy work space might feel nice in the winter months ahead. 

    1. Upgrade your supplies
      Sure, they give you the free pens and an ergonomic chair if you're lucky. But maybe you can add a gold pencil pot, a pretty ceramic dish for your paper clips, coasters for your coffee, or some quality pens in a color you love.
    2. Add an object
      That sounds vague, so this could be something like a vase of flowers (no shame in getting faux flowers, or fake succulents!), or a pretty box or tray to organize your desk. You could also add something that goes with the season, like a pumpkin or a candle.  

    3. Books
      I've had my share of corporate offices and home offices, and I've noticed the offices that feel the warmest have books in them. Either lined up on desks, or stacked with something on top, or an entire bookshelf—it all helps to create a space that feels inviting. I used to think the books you keep in your office had to be related to your job, like reference books, but I don't think that's necessarily true. If you have design books you like to flip through or favorite magazines, they help to create a space that reflects you. And it could be nice to pick them up when you need a break from whatever you're working on. 

    4. Lamp
      Going along with the last point, I've noticed lamps often make offices feel more home-y. You could argue that you'd never use it, which is what I used to say, but there were one too many times when I'd be at the office late and the motion-sensored lights would go out because I was the only one there. Terrifying! Having a lamp on at night might be helpful if you stay late, or if you have a home office.

    5. Prints or Photos
      Having photos of family or friends, or a print you love in your office can really be a happiness boost! If you don't have walls to hang things on or don't want to commit, you can lean frames against a wall or use washi tape on a wall or cabinet door.
Hope this gives you some ideas for your office space! I'd love to hear from you and see your offices on Instagram. Just tag @oliveandjude or send an email to

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