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Four Elements to a Styled Coffee Table

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How do you create a coffee table that looks nice when not in use, but has enough room for practical things like coffee mugs and remotes? I did some research and found four elements that came up over and over again.

  1. Create a platform
    Some ideas are books, magazines, or a small box. Boxes are great for holding remotes out of view!
  2. Top your platform with a sculptural object
    This breaks up uniformity. Something unique or quirky is fun to do here! 

  3. Give your platform a friend
    Next to your platform, add an object. Some ideas are a set of coasters, or a low planter filled with succulents (low maintenance plants are always a plus).

  4. Finish with a tall object to add height
    A vase with flowers or a tall orchid works well here for height and color, but really anything with some height will do.

    Hope this gives you some ideas for your space! I'd love to hear from you and see your coffee tables on Instagram! Just tag @oliveandjude or send an email to

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