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How to Hang Art in your Home (Part two)

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Three ideas for hanging art in your home or office are below! And in case you missed Part One, be sure to click here.

Bookworm Style

This style is a fun way to break up the busyness of bookshelves, or add interest if you're going for a minimal look. It's also a great hiding piece for those not-so-pretty books (if you're trying to create a cohesive look on your shelves but still need the storage space)! Make sure the artwork you choose is the right size—bigger for built-ins and shelves that run the full wall, and smaller for single, free-standing shelves. This black and white print comes in different sizes and works well on bookshelves!

Gallery Style

The easiest way to create a gallery wall is to trace your frames on paper (newspaper, butcher paper, or wrapping paper) and arrange on the wall with painter's tape. Once you like how the paper frames are arranged, start hanging! Don't forget you can include 3-dimensional items, like antlers, too! For a classic look, choose frames and images that match, like all black and white photos in black frames. For an eclectic look, mix up the frame finishes and the contents (photos, prints, patterns, etc.).

Leaner Style

This style is great for renters or those that are feeling non-committal—no nails or final decisions required! Using frames that match (like all black) will make it feel less messy. Or you can use different frame finishes, but keep the artwork consistent (for example, art that all incorporates black in some way). This style works great on entry tables, buffet tables, or above a couch with a small shelf.

To create these looks or get more artwork inspiration, click here! Thanks for reading!


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